Ovenable Cardboard Baking Trays

With the help of an innovative board supplier, we can produce specially coated or lined microfluted materials die cut into both standard and bespoke designs.

Our ovenable cardboard trays are simply made up by hand and the tray is recyclable.

The folded webbed corner easily contains the product during cooking; yet allows simple turning out when the tray is opened. The fluted material helps prevent localised ‘hot spots’ during baking.

The material may be used for bakery applications up to 220 degrees Centigrade (microwave and conventional oven) and may be frozen to -40 degrees Centigrade.

Being delivered and stored flat, the trays ensure a minimum cost for delivery and require a smaller area for storage than conventional trays on your premises.

We stock a new size of Baking Tray

175 x 155 x 60 mm


We stock three sizes of Baking Trays

372 x 222 x 50 mm

372 x 222 x 60 mm

372 x 222 x 70 mm

We also stock a cardboard lid to fit the above trays

382 x 225 x 40 mm


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